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BackMagicPlus - Helps Relieve Back Pain in just two 5 minute sessions

The improved BackMagicPLUS made in the United Kingdom, is endorsed & recommended by:

• Massage Therapists
• Physical Trainers
• Chiropractors
• Physicians
• Fitness Experts
• Professional Athletes 

BackMagicPLUS is double-sided; a smooth side to help relieve muscle tension and associated back pain and the reverse side has unique pressure points (Trigger Points*) for an even deeper stress-relieving stretch.

So easy to use, simply set the  to the desired level (3 settings) and gently relax over the adjustable spinal cradle. Use for 5 minutes, twice a day.  A totally natural solution to a common problem.




*About the “Trigger Point Massage” top:

“Trigger Point Massage” is a common technique of Certified Massage Therapists, whereby thumb pressure is applied to release tension and enhance muscle relaxation and stretching. BackMagic’s “Trigger Point Massage” top has 10 thumb tip-shaped nodes on either side of its spine cradle to provide a similar effect, and is based upon the same principles as “Shiatsu” and “Reflexology.” It is commonly accepted that it takes about 2 minutes to release “trigger points,” so you double the benefit of BackMagic within the suggested use of 5 minutes, twice per day.