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Microdesk Ergonomic design

Designed by an experienced Physiotherapist!


  •  Instantly adds working space to any desk
  •  Increased comfort while writing at the keyboard
  •  Continuous access to the keyboard as you write
  •  Helps to focus and prioritise work
  •  Improves your working posture
  •  Reduces the need to reach/stretch/twist to interact with paperwork
  •  The perfect place to position your tablet computer/smart phone while at your PC
  •  Fully adjustable to suit all heights
  •  Sturdy, lightweight, transparent
  •  Suitable for left and right hander’s

The MICRODESK not only makes working easier, it also makes it healthier.
Designed by an experienced physiotherapist to reduce the amount of reaching/twisting/stretching that many people are forced to do when working with papers at their computer, the MICRODESK is a proven solution to this problem and is now sold worldwide.