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Saddle Stool

Why a SADDLE Stool ?

By opening the pelvis and lowering the knees in relation to the hips, the disc pressure in the lumbar region of the spine is reduced by up to 35% when compared to sitting in the traditional 90 degree trunk-thigh position.  This means the weight and compressive force of the upper body is distributed through the seat and the legs and reduces muscular strain normally required to maintain the body in an upright position.  Further, by reducing the pressure in the lumbar area, the improved blood flow  promotes healthier intervertebral discs.

Improve Posture

The SADDLE Stool allows the angle between the trunk and thighs to be increased to ensure proper spinal alignment with minimal pressure on the lumbar intervertebral discs.  This greatly reduces back pain associated with sitting and as such, correct posture may be maintained.

Improve Internal Organ Activity

Opening the pelvis not only enables correct spinal alignment and posture when sitting, it also improves breathing, circulation and digestion.  By re-positioning the shoulders and pulling the chest up and out, proper diaphragm breathing is encouraged and less pressure is placed on the heart resulting in improved blood circulation.  Furthermore, digestion is improved as the internal organs of the abdomen experience less compressive pressure, when the pelvis is in this open position.

Improve Concentration and Performance

It is generally acknowledged that a poor seated posture may lead to fatigue, loss of productivity, headaches, aggravation of existing injuries and back problems.  By improving posture, spinal alignment and maintaining comfort, the SADDLE Stool encourages concentration and performance throughout the working day.

Increase Core Strength

Continued use of the SADDLE Stool increases muscle strength in the abdominals and back.